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I have been using Hackolade for a while and my models take on many different shapes and sizes. I like to have working sessions with other team members in a remote setting so I am usually sharing my screen. The zoom increments are set at 25% for a majority of the options. I think it would be nice to lower this increment to 10% so we are able to have more zooming options. This isn't a large problem by any means, but I think it would be a good to add.


Thanks Evan for the suggestion!  The current zoom levels are below, but the increment changes as the scale does:

In what zone do you need more granularity?  It would not make sense for example to have 10% increments between 300% and 400%, would it?


You are correct. I do think the zoom granularity should increase with the level of zoom like how you have. I am mainly in the threshold of 50% -175%. I think its nice to have the option available there. Possibly with just the ctrl+mousewheel input.

Ctrl+mousewheel does run the zoom action. We will add a story to our backlog to see if it makes sense to add more levels.