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It would be helpful IF the e-learnings provided explanations of HOW certain things were being done as well as having the expectation that they can be followed by the watcher in Hackolade.

​In the second tutorial, at about 4:20 in where poloymorphism is being demo'd, Rick says something like "I've got an address definition which I've already converted to an internal definition so I can resuse it", it would be nice to show HOW that was done so it could be followed by hands on practice by the watcher.

I had created the first model in the first tutorial, BUT it was somewhat different than what Rick started with in the second demo (didn't have the pets field, or the array & had converted address to addresses with an internal definition (without showing).

On the plus side, I was able to find in the online doc the explanation and a video for how to create reusable definitions.  I haven't looked yet to see what resources go along with the tutorials, but it would be cool to have a "Steps to create/update the models shown" along with abbreviated steps & links to your excellent online doc where more info is available.

Hope this is helpful feedback.


Hi Wayne! 

What a great suggestion - definitely will try to incorporate that. We will be refining / adding new versions to the tutorials with time - so probably something we pick up then.

Thanks so much for the feedback!