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Hello Team,

I wanted to know the disaster recovery strategy/method recommended by hackolade that we can utilize in a production scenario.

If there is some sort of documentation that I have missed, request you to please point me to the same. 

For context -

  • We would utilize GIT as repository.
  • 4-layer structure DEV, QA, Pre-Prod, Prod.
  • Multiple concurrent users will be working on the same model.


As your models are stored in a Git repo:

1) Git is distributed, and hence every local clone is a sort of backup of the remote, if kept up-to-date

2) I suppose that your organization already has a backup strategy/disaster recovery process for you Git repos in general?

Therefore with the Workgroup Edition, as you store data models in your Git infrastructure, you will automatically benefit from the above.  It seems that nothing more is required as Hackolade Studio data models are concerned.