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This community is for professionals and enthusiasts of Hackolade Studio.
Share and discuss best practices, industry trends, tips and tricks, desired new features, etc.


A WARM WELCOME to our community forums!

Rik Van Bruggen

For several months, we have been preparing the launch of our Hackolade Community website. No doubt, you have already been exploring the Tutorials section, where you will find a ton of new content that will greatly help new users get started with the Hackolade Studio. But here, in our forums - it's ALL ABOUT YOU!

Please use these forums to interact with one another. Ask questions. Offer your learnings. React to someone else's questions. Offer opinions. Let's make it a lively place where everyone feels welcome, and where the sense of community is always present!

Whenever you have any feedback, please reach out - we are here to help and assist!