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Hackolade Studio Tutorial 0: Vision + Getting Started

It is important to fully understand our vision for next-gen data modeling.  And also how to get started so you can quickly benefit from our approach.

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Hackolade Studio Tutorial 4: Expert

This tutorial takes the experienced user through the steps required to solve real-world problems. These are goal-oriented recipes, with directions to achieve a specific end. They provide answers to questions that only a user with some experience could even formulate.  For this level, we assume that the user already has a fairly good knowledge and understanding of Hackolade Studio.

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Hackolade Studio Tutorial 5: Workgroup collaboration and versioning

Hackolade Studio has native integration with Git repositories to provide state-of-the-art collaboration, versioning, branching, conflict resolution, peer review workflows, change tracking and traceability. Mostly, it allows to co-locate data models and schemas with application code, and further integrate with DevOps CI/CD pipelines as part of our vision for Metadata-as-Code.

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